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A Complete Data Science Roadmap

Are you interested in developing a career in data science? If yes, congratulations. Here, in this complete data science roadmap, you will learn how and where to get started with data science. The roadmap includes nine steps required for a beginner as well as an expert. Step 1. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Today, AI is everywhere. AI can be understood as a branch of computer science - a simulated intelligence. Its main goal is to develop smart machines that are capable of thinking and making decisions without human intervention. To build a career in emerging technology with a focus on developing a better understanding of AI. The first thing to learn in a data science course is the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This roadmap will benefit you with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Artificial Intelligence. In this course, you will learn AI related applications and real world examples of AI. Step 2. Mathematics for Data Science Online data science training